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Hand Painted Pig earrings

Hand Painted Pig earrings

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Hand-painted lightweight pig earrings are charming and whimsical accessories that feature miniature pig-shaped charms delicately painted by hand. These earrings are made with lightweight wood to ensure comfortable wear. The intricate hand-painted details add a touch of artistry and personality to the earrings, making them a fun and eye-catching fashion accessory. The pig motifs capture the playful and adorable nature of these animals, making them a delightful choice for anyone looking to add a touch of cuteness and uniqueness to their outfit.

Silver plated hypoallergenic hoops are extremely lightweight

-Small hoops: 3/4 inches
-Large hoops: 1 1/4 inch


Hypoallergenic hooks: Approximately 1.5" drop to 2"


Send me a message in the “Contact Us” section at the top of the Home page. I will try to answer you within 24 hours. There is usually no extra cost for custom orders

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